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British Columbia

British Columbia

Welcome to British Columbia dear BougeBouge friend! This province is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. Between the many natural parks mixing mountainous landscapes and dense forests, and the tormented Pacific coast, a paradise for surfers, British Columbia is a destination of choice! It is also here that you will find the largest number of glaciers in North America. If you like hiking, British Columbia is a paradise. If you like animals, you won’t be disappointed either: grizzly and black bears are plentiful in the mountains and forests, but also whales, killer whales and cute otters off Vancouver Island. Finally, don’t forget the dynamic city of Vancouver and its neighbourhoods with their different atmospheres. — Here, there are seven beautiful national parks and over 600 provincial parks to discover! But also, forests as far as the eye can see that occupy 56% of the territory and 6,500 islands along the Pacific Coast. British Columbia also has the largest number of glaciers in North America and the largest selection of authentic experiences to discover Aboriginal culture. The waters of the Strait of Georgia rival those of the Red Sea for divers’ paradise! The second largest concentration of bald eagles in North America can be seen on the banks of the Squamish and Harrison Rivers. This is a lively and welcoming area with wildlife everywhere!


Welcome to Whistler. This is where the 2010 Winter Olympics were held! It is also one of the largest ski resorts in North America! Tourists from all over the world enjoy discovering the charming pedestrian village with its European flair, but also take the Peak to Peak gondola that will allow you to fly over the mountains from one peak to the next! Impressive! Don’t miss the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, which brings together the works, history and culture of the region’s First Nations. Before leaving, pass by the Lost Lake Passive Solar House. With its ultramodern and energy-efficient architecture, it consumes 93% less energy than a traditional house! It’s the future !


Vancouver is the ancestral homeland of the First Nations but also the navigational corridor of the Gold Rush pioneers of 1858. This splendid city is crossed by the Coastal Range and bathed by the Pacific Ocean. The landscapes are so contrasted that you will have the impression that you are never in the same region! Here, you will find the calm of the ocean, the softness of the sandy beaches, the tranquility of the parks and gardens, the forests and snow-capped mountains, but also a city in full effervescence! I recommend a culinary discovery at the Grandville Island market! A real trip around the world…    


You have arrived in the Capital of British Columbia, Victoria! Also known as the « City of Flowers », it is blessed with one of the most pleasant climates in Canada! Its beautiful 19th century architecture makes it a pleasant and very « British » port city. The city can be easily walked around. Do not hesitate to visit the Botanical Garden and why not take a zodiac excursion to meet the Orcs!


Welcome to Tofino: the surfers’ paradise! Did you know that Tofino has already received the title of « Best Surfing City in North America »? It’s up to you, put on your wetsuit and go surfing the 35 km of beach where surfing is possible even for beginners thanks to its perfect regular waves. In Tofino, more than 20 000 grey whales pass through here during their migration! The possibility to see bears is also high! You want to practice fishing and sea kayaking? It’s possible too! To end your trip in style, don’t hesitate to try the delicious fish burritos and tacos, always fresh and incredibly appetizing from the Tacofino mobile restaurant!

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