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New Brunswick

New Brunswick

After a beautiful discovery of Nova Scotia, it’s time to continue your BougeBouge Challenge trough New Brunswick ! You will be able to travel between rivers, pine forests, mountains and especially the famous Bay of Fundy! If you are lucky you will even be able to see whales!!! Have a good trip!

Fundy Bay

Here you will be able to contemplate the impressive Hopewell Rocks Park! Here you will find the highest tides in the world! At low tide you can walk on the sea floor, explore the beach, the coves and the flowerpot shaped rocks! From one end to the other you will only have 25 miles to walk! If you arrive at high tide, you can take a kayak excursion to paddle around the rocks. Sensations guaranteed…


Have you ever seen this famous blue lobster? Only one lobster in two million is blue. Its color varies according to its genetics and its habitat. It’s a natural phenomenon! Along the shoreline, aboard a small fishing boat, you will be able to fish and even eat lobster. Will it be blue? Tell us about it when you get back!

Caraquet and it's historic Acadian Village

Did you know that Acadians are descendants of French settlers? They arrived in New Brunswick between the 17th and 18th centuries. For more information, you can visit the Acadian Historical Village! It brings to life the ancestral customs and traditional trades of the Acadians between 1770 and 1949. You can take a cooking class, help the villagers with their chores, and explore the historic buildings to meet interpreters in period costume. A visit not to be missed before heading to your next region!

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