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Northern Territories

Northern Territories with Parcours Canada and BougeBouge

12,000 years before our era, most of the Northwest Territories was enclosed in a large sheet of ice! When glaciers retreated from west to east, they opened up the landscape to human settlement. The Dene were the first people to arrive in the boreal forest. Then they were joined by the Inuvialuit about 1,000 years ago. Finally, less than 300 years ago, the Métis arrived in the Northwest Territories. Colonization by Euro-Canadians is barely a century old! The Northwest Territories is a land of six distinct regions: South Slave – North Slave – Dehcho – Sahtu – Western Arctic and Yellowknife. The diversity of the Northwest Territories is incredible! Herds of caribou, polar bears, great whales, but also huge lakes and fish on a human scale! This is what makes this region unique.  


Yellowknife is the capital of the Northwest Territories with a population of almost 20,000. It is located on the north shore of Great Slave Lake, the ninth largest lake in the world and the deepest recorded lake in North America. The oldest rocks in the region date back four billion years. In these ancient volcanic rocks, treasures such as gold, silver, tungsten, copper and diamonds can be found. They were all mined in the Yellowknife area. Unique geological landforms shape the landscape. Wherever you are in the city, you will be only minutes away from nature, trails, abundant wildlife, forests and lakes… There’s always something going on in Yellowknife: a weekend sand music festival, activities in a snow castle on the frozen bay… And most importantly, 240 nights a year, you will be able to attend the famous « Aurora », which is when there is no Aurora and therefore you can stay out all night under the midnight sun!

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