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Quebec region is very large and there are 1001 things to do! BougeBouge invites you to discover this amazing region. You will start your journey in the old city of Quebec and then Montreal before going to Amos in Abitibi, an administrative region further west. The cities are vibrant, the landscapes are larger than life, and outdoor adventures are a must… You will be able to combine culture and nature in one and the same region. Because that’s what Quebec is all about! Let’s go for it!

Québec City

The charm of old Europe is here! You can get from the lower to the upper town by climbing the Breakneck Staircase or by the funicular to the Dufferin Terrace. It is here that you will be able to get to the most photographed hotel in the world « the majestic Château Frontenac » overlooking the St. Lawrence River. The people of Quebec City are proud of their Aboriginal, French and British roots. Don’t hesitate to continue your visit to the Saint-Louis Gate, the Citadel and the Parliament Building. It’s time to take a breath of fresh air on the Plains of Abraham while enjoying your sugar pie that you picked up along the way for the occasion!


A surprising forest located in the heart of the city?! No doubt it’s about Mount Royal and the beginning of your visit to the city of Montreal. From the Kondiaronk lookout, you can take a picture of yourself to keep a souvenir of this day. Head to the old port and the old city to discover its heritage buildings and its century-old cobblestone streets. The Ferris wheel and the zip line are activities that you will be able to discover while passing through here! It is now time to go to the entertainment district for a short visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see a free show thanks to the 40 festive events organized every year, winter and summer.

Amos and the refuge Pageau

Today we are heading to Amos and more particularly to the Pageau refuge… An extraordinary place that takes in wild animals in need with a view to rehabilitating them and setting them free. You will be able to see Moose, birds of all kinds, porcupine, bears and many other animals… Sometimes, the release is impossible because of the state of health of the animals. At that time, the shelter will be able to offer long-term shelter to these animals to whom it owes the pursuit of its mission. A beautiful day surrounded by a caring and benevolent staff and animals, each one cuter than the next. And that’s something you never forget!

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